Bikers Helping Bikers

Western Pennsylvaina Fallen Riders Foundation

WPAFRF Is One Of A Few True Motorcycle-Biker Related Organizations. 100% Of All Fundraisers, Rallies, Or Events Are Focused On Charities Within The Biker Community. When A Rider Goes Down On Any Type Of Ride, WPAFRF Is There To Help That Injured Rider With Recovery.


Who We Are

First, we are not an M.C., R.C., or Riding Association. We are a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation certified as a public charity by the lRS. We have one purpose and one purpose only. To be there to help the families of riders who are injured or killed while on their bike. We don't care if you are a club member or an independent. If you go down, and your family needs help, that's where we come in. We will help the family or club with funeral expenses if needed, help with medical transportation costs if that's needed, or, if a rider is injured and hospitalized we will help with such mundane, but necessary, things as paying a utility bill to keep the family's lights on, or even help with some grocery money, if that is what is needed. We are designed to be there to help in whatever way we can and that we have the ability to provide. Secondly, we do not have memberships as such. lf you ride a motorcycle, then you are a brother or sister in the wind and that makes you a member. We receive no payment or salary from the foundation for what we do. Any and all funds we have are for the help of the fallen and their families. The Foundation is totally dependent upon donations from individuals for what it does. We don't have government grants or big corporate sponsors behind us. We are people who ride, who saw a real need in our rather extended family of the wind, and did what it takes to take action about the situation.

Our Mission

Western Pennsylvania Fallen Riders The mission of the Western Pennsylvania is to provide assistance to families of Western Pennsylvania who show need when a family member is a victim of a serious injury or fatal motorcycle accident. Western Pennsylvania Fallen Riders Foundation ® was created to give assistance to these families, after they have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident while riding any licensed street legal 2 or 3 wheeled motorcycle. The money we are able to give to these families will help them with bills, buy food or to help cover some of the funeral, or medical expenses of their lost loved one, these funds are raised by having charity fund raising events, and from individual charitable donations. It is open to all riders regardless of whether club affiliated or not.

Need Help

We help families of riders who are injured or killed during a motorcyle accident. We are here for you when you need us the most. If you need help, complete the form and someone will be in contact with you soon. We can help with: Funeral expenses Medical transportation Paying bills & buying groceries while that rider is down​*Please note that completion of form does not guarantee assistance. Our board members review all forms carefully to determine the level of care we are able to provide.

Since 2016 WPAFRF has been serving and supporting bikers/motorcycle riders in our community by providing support to injured riders and their families. Using the collective power of our tight-knit motorcycle community, our organization helps riders and their families get through potentially devastating times by providing emotional and financial support.

Motorcyclist have huge hearts and we are constantly doing fundraising rides for each other to help with expenses.

WPAFRF maximizes the impact of our collective power to help our own. They knew that riders were constantly attending and helping with fundraisers for fallen riders but there was no organization dedicated to helping these bikers get through the tough times. So, in true grit fashion, she started one herself. We are a nonprofit organization and we rely on volunteers, sponsors and members to sustain our mission. We need your participation and support!
WPAFRF was founded in 2016 by avid motorcycle riders Bill (BiggDaddy) Johnson and Scott (Drangon Slayer) Ferrenberg
They knew that riders were constantly attending and helping with fundraisers for fallen riders but there was no organization dedicated to helping these bikers get through the tough times. So, in true grit fashion, they started one their selves.”